05 July 2023
Koopman celebrates 100-year anniversary

On 5 July 1923, Siebe Koopman started his one-man company in Briltil. A century later, the company has grown into a successful and thriving international logistics family business with more than a thousand employees and hundreds of trucks. The fourth generation Koopman is grateful to celebrate this milestone with their business relations, suppliers and employees.

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30 June 2023
Koopman takes over De Haan Autotransport

With effect from 1 July 2023, Koopman Logistics Group B.V. will take over the shares of De Haan Autotransport B.V. of Bleiswijk. All employees of De Haan Autotransport B.V. will remain employed by the company, which will continue its operations in Bleiswijk. De Haan Autotransport B.V. has its focus on transporting used vehicles in the Netherlands.

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13 October 2022
Green and sustainable tire management

Koopman Logistics Group B.V. has received the Green and Sustainable Tyre Management sustainability certificate from the hands of Mark Oude Elferink, regional sales manager of Euromaster Netherlands.

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22 February 2022
Koopman's greenest truck

We are proud to say that we are driving a fully electric truck! At the beginning of this year, Koopman started using the first MAN eTGM that will be used for distribution work in the Netherlands. The electric truck will be used for distribution of parts and accessories of various car brands.

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06 January 2022
'Clients firts' is rewarded

Based on the research of the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation into the 1000 best service providers in the Netherlands, Koopman is ranked 3rd in the category 'Most customer-oriented company in the Netherlands in the Goods Transport sector' in the publication of the Management Team 1000 2021.

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21 December 2021
Never let a good crisis go to waste

The automotive industry is in full swing. In the midst of this dynamism, Koopman, through its innovative entrepreneurship, is ready to respond to all developments in the market.

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01 October 2021
VABKoopman Genk official

From the beginning of 2021, the forces of VAB and Koopman have joined forces to offer a total solution for remarketing. After hard work, the VABKoopman compound in Genk will be operational by 1 October 2021!

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11 June 2021
Making progress with CSR

For Koopman, sustainability is about a healthy balance between People, Planet and Profit. "As a family business we feel obliged to take good care of our people, our customers and the world around us.

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