Koopman celebrates 100-year anniversary

Koopman celebrates 100-year anniversary

05 July 2023

On 5 July 1923, Siebe Koopman started his one-man company in Briltil. A century later, the company has grown into a successful and thriving international logistics family business with more than a thousand employees and hundreds of trucks. The fourth generation Koopman is grateful to celebrate this milestone with their business relations, suppliers and employees.


Koopman celebrates
Last weekend was all about the 100th anniversary for Koopman. Spread over two days, it was celebrated grandly with their relations, suppliers, family and employees. On Friday, they had a memorable event together with their business relations and suppliers, where they were taken through a programme on human capital with various inspiring speakers, interspersed with a festive atmosphere. The Koopman location on the Van Starkenborghkanaal was transformed into a true festival ground, where all employees with their partners thoroughly enjoyed Saturday.


The fourth generation at the wheel
Klaas and Harm are the fourth generation Koopman and have been at the wheel of the company since 2022. They see the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of their great-grandfather as an example. Without losing sight of efficient operations, they also want to give plenty of room to entrepreneurship and look for new opportunities and possibilities.


A pillar of success in the past, but certainly also in the future, is a good relationship with customers. This goes beyond making good agreements on paper. Delivering good quality is a matter of course for Koopman. And a relationship with customers is also a matter of give and take for Koopman, which is why there are already customer relationships that go back almost 50 years.


Furthermore, Koopman has always succeeded in retaining skilled workers. Social and correct dealings will remain an important factor for Koopman in the future as well.


Here, the long-term vision from which Koopman has always acted is paramount: while a stable and healthy return is indispensable, it is entirely in the service of the company's survival. For Koopman, the idea that the company will be passed on to a new generation takes precedence over short-term profitability.


Ready for the next 100 years
In the anniversary book, the fourth generation writes in a letter to their great-grandfather:
'We are grateful that we have been trusted to carry on the business. We are proud that a company that started 100 years ago was allowed to grow into such a fine company. We would like to thank all employees who have contributed to that! And we thank all our customers: without them, grandfather Siebe Koopman's one-man business would never have grown so big!"

Innovative and down-to-earth entrepreneurs in logistics services from Groningen for 100 years. They are ready for another 100 years.