International car transport

International car transport

  • North-West Europe
  • Extensive distribution network
  • Large flow of vehicles

Benelux transport

Koopman is equipped to handle various types of requests, from transporting large volumes of vehicles to a one-off request of 1 vehicle. We will pick up your vehicles and deliver them within the agreed time. We are proud to count almost all car brands and many other automotive service providers among our customers. They appreciate our reliability and skilled staff.

Transport in North-West Europe

Every day, Koopman transports large numbers of vehicles quickly and safely to and from destinations within North-West Europe. We do this for almost all car makes. Thanks to our skilled drivers and dense distribution network, we can also distribute large vehicle flows directly, without intermediate stops and transhipments. We can respond flexibly to changing volumes because we combine our own fleet with a good and large partner network.

Interested in our services?

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Under one roof

At Koopman, we offer more car transport services that may be applicable to your business. Think national car transport, exclusive transport or import Germany.