Exclusive customised transport

Exclusive customised transport

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Koopman Exclusive

Koopman Exclusive is thé specialist in customised car transport and part of Koopman Autotransport Nederland. We love the challenge of anything that is slightly different or deviates from the norm. Whether it concerns a rare old timer, prototype, exclusive cars, unique locations, racing cars, extra high, low or wide vehicles or the collection of cars following a bankruptcy. We transport all your vehicles with extreme care and according to the highest quality standards. Our drivers ensure perfect transport and take care of all related matters. We are very aware of the confidential nature of your assignment, in the case of a prototype, for example. But also in sensitive situations such as confiscation of vehicles, we will find a solution in the event of resistance.

Exclusive car transport & home delivery

Are you a dealer, importer, private individual or organiser of a car event? Everyone can rely on Koopman Exclusive for the transport of exclusive vehicles. We can transport a prototype, but also seize cars, collect cars from bankruptcies or do a home delivery of a (lease) car. Our drivers are aware of the confidentiality of your order and ensure a perfect transport and everything around it.

covered car transportation

For covered or closed car transport, Koopman Exclusive has wonderful possibilities. Depending on the dimensions of the cars to be transported, we can transport up to 6 cars in one trailer. Even extremely low sports cars can be loaded without any problems, thanks to the small drive-up angles of our transport vehicles.


Would you like to take a number of classics to the Mille Miglia or transport a new model or prototype for a photo shoot? Koopman Exclusive is the specialist in this field.

Insured car transport

In many cases, the cars to be transported under cover represent a great value. It goes without saying that our drivers are therefore very careful. When you let Koopman Exclusive Car Transport transport your car, you don't run any risks. The insurance of the transport is fully regulated according to the current General Transport Conditions for Motor Vehicles (AVCM). Should something go wrong, we will take care of it in accordance with the AVCM.

Car transport for events

The transport of expensive and/or exclusive cars to an event demands extra attention and expertise. Our customers can relax in the knowledge that the vehicles will be delivered on time and without damage by an expert driver. Examples of events for which we have worked are: 

  • Mille Miglia
  • Dutch GP Zandvoort
  • Supercar Madness

Plan your car transport

With Koopman Exclusive, your car transport is in good hands. Whether it concerns covered transport, insured transport, exclusive transport or truck transport, Koopman Exclusive arranges it all.

Do you need car transport? Arrange it online! With a business login account, you can schedule your car transport via our portal.