Full Truck Loads

Full Truck Loads

  • Quickly and efficiently
  • Fine-meshed network
  • Maximum flexibility

Full truck loads (FTL)

Do you have a complete load that needs to go from one loading address to one unloading address? Koopman arranges it quickly and efficiently. Together we set up the process according to your wishes. Using our customer dashboard and track & trace system, you are continuously informed. For the transport of large volumes, we have solutions that organise your process even more efficiently, such as the Koopman coupling concept.

Faster and more efficient

Transporting complete loads is preferable for every party involved. With complete loads, the truck is fully loaded and the driver transports only one load so the truck drives directly to your desired destination unlike LTL (Less Than Truckload) where split loads are taken to various destinations. FTL transport is a faster and more efficient way of transporting.


Do you have loads that need to be transported from one address to multiple destinations? Then opt for combined truck loads (CTL).

Real-time insight

All Cargo trailers are equipped with a fleet intelligence unit. This gives us real-time data at our disposal on, for example, trailer location, kilometres driven and frequency of downtime. Customers who use Koopman swap trailers also benefit:

  • Insight; how many Koopman trailers do you have at your disposal? Are they loaded or unloaded?
  • Optimal deployment of swap trailers; we can accurately determine how many trailers you need. Scaling up or down is easy to arrange.
  • Correct invoices; always a correct invoice thanks to reliable data.

Do you have a logistic challenge?

We look forward to solving it for you.


Koopman is capable of shifting gears until the last minute.

Robin Boerrigter — Supply Chain Manager Smurfit Kappa

The cooperation between Smurfit Kappa and Koopman has existed since the 1990s. To the great satisfaction of both parties.