Green and sustainable tire management

Green and sustainable tire management

13 October 2022

Koopman obtains Green and sustainable certificate

Koopman Logistics Group B.V. has received the Green and Sustainable Tyre Management sustainability certificate from the hands of Mark Oude Elferink, regional sales manager of Euromaster Netherlands.

Reuse of raw materials and lower CO2 emissions through preventive maintenance form the basis for green and sustainable tyre management. The company was assessed objectively on a number of points such as retreading, renewing and reusing tyres and proper tyre maintenance, in the form of fleet inspections with tyre pumping, balancing and vehicle alignment. Koopman has scored positively on these points with its tyre policy, showing that it meets the requirements of sustainable tyre management. A handsome achievement that demonstrates Koopman Logistics' active commitment to a greener world.

Wouter Renkema, Koopman's Fleet and Workshop Manager is delighted to have been awarded the certificate. It is not the certificate but the underlying sustainable tyre service that is most important to Koopman. Besides sustainability, it provides Koopman with considerable fuel savings. Wouter Renkema: '. As a family business, we feel obliged to be a good steward for our company, so that we can also pass on a liveable planet to the next generation. When making choices, we therefore always consider the impact on people and the environment.'

Mark Oude Elferink: 'The Green and Sustainable Tyre Management sustainability certificate shows whether customers are on the right track and what more steps they can take to run a greener business. It's a great next step towards a greener future!' Euromaster already has a 25-year partnership with Koopman. Together, we ensure a sustainable interpretation of tyre management.