Never let a good crisis go to waste

Never let a good crisis go to waste

21 December 2021

The outbreak of the Corona pandemic is causing uncertainty in the automotive industry. Where it was thought that 2021 would be the year of recovery, this does not appear to be the case. But as Winston Churchill said, never waste a good crisis.


Major shifts are taking place in the automotive industry. Think of electrification, private leasing, online car sales and car sharing. In addition, there is a major shortage of microchips, steel and other components. As a result, many car manufacturers are experiencing delays in production, resulting in longer delivery times. The outlook for 2022 is therefore that more cars will flow from one market to another due to the general shortage of young used cars. The electric vehicle market will grow as new electric makes and models enter the market and the demand for second-hand electric cars will increase.


Invest and develop
It is clear to everyone that these are tough times for the automotive sector. Koopman remains positive in these times. Willem Prinsen, CEO Koopman Logistics Group: 'In recent years we have focused on developing more activities with added value for the automotive sector in addition to transport. The recently opened remarketing compound for used cars in Genk (Belgium) is such an example. These developments serve us well in a tilting market like the automotive sector at the moment.'


Speed and flexibility is key
A lot will change in the chain in the coming years. The classic chain with importer and dealer will change. The customer experience and customer contact will take place more online. Mark van der Lingen, Sales Director Automotive Koopman Logistics Group: 'Our processes are designed for short lead times and suitable for both high and low volumes. We can scale up effortlessly in all facets. Every day that a car is idle unnecessarily, means that the money is tied up for another day. This can be in the form of a new car that needs to be delivered, but also an occasion or pool car that needs to be sold. The arrival of online sales means that a completely different approach is required to delivery, but also to collection and preparation for sale of trade-in cars. Speed and flexibility are key.'


Making the most of the crisis
In a changing market like this, companies like Koopman can really play a significant role. The ability to respond quickly, adequately and flexibly to trends, customer demand and changes in the automotive supply chain will make the difference. In addition, supply chains will be further digitised to create more transparency and increase customer satisfaction.
'We want to be close to these developments ourselves and engage in a dialogue with our customers. That is how we will distinguish ourselves and add value to the logistics chain.'