Koopman Logistics Group invests in low-carbon transport

19 oktober 2018

Koopman Logistics Group uses the low-carbon fuel HVO for the distribution of passenger cars and car parts. The company has invested in a separate petrol station on its own site in Nijkerk. The installation was put into operation on Friday 12 October 2018.

HVO is a synthetic diesel made from waste and residual streams, for example frying fat. This makes HVO low-carbon. No modifications to the vehicle are required to be able to refuel HVO. Most truck brands have approved HVO as fuel. CEO a.i. of Koopman Logistics Group Maurice de Wilde: "Our HVO installation contains pure HVO, no mix of HVO with conventional diesel. We will emit 89% less CO2 per kilometer by refueling 100% HVO than with conventional diesel. "

Integral approach saves environment and costs

The deployment of HVO is another example of the integrated approach of Koopman Logistics Group. De Wilde: "Real cost reduction for our customer is not in a few euros lower transport costs per trip. Looking at the entire process together with the customer and looking for the real savings, is what we are committed to, both in terms of costs and with regard to the environment. If we optimize the entire chain, fewer kilometers are needed and that is a direct saving in costs and emissions. By now also applying HVO, we not only go to a next stage in transport, we also meet the explicit desire of our customers to reduce CO2. "