Dedicated transport

Dedicated transport

  • In your own corporate style
  • Dedicated night-time distribution
  • No investments in vehicles

Extension piece of your services

Do you regard transport to be an extension piece of your services but you do not want to worry about vehicles, drivers and planning? Thanks to dedicated transport, your goods will be transported in Koopman trucks in your own corporate style or image, and you retain control of the entire dispatch. You will have a reliable fleet of vehicles, without any investment being required. 

Transport in (home) style

Dedicated transport at Koopman is all about a partnership with your firm. When you choose this form of transport, you are assured of the right transport capacity and the corresponding representative appearance: this way, you can focus on your core business. Meanwhile, we will be there for you from dispatch to arrival.

Advantages dedicated transport

As a reliable partner, Koopman offers a total transport package. Dedicated transport offers several advantages:

  • Customisation

    Together, we look at your requirements to serve you in the best possible way.

  • Unburdening 

    we take care of the entire logistics process for you.

  • Financially attractive

    You do not need to have a fleet of vehicles yourself, we have this for you.

  • Flexibility

    You can deploy the trolleys whenever it suits you.

  • On the road promotion

    Withe our cars in your house style, we are a driving business card for your company.


Koopman actively seeks ways to work more efficiently

Klaas Schaart — ICT manager Nijburg Industry Group

The collaboration between Koopman and Nijburg in the VSM project, allows them to realise their shared ambition, which is to further optimise the supply chain by working on kilometre reduction, CO2 reduction, efficiency in the chain and cost reduction. Dedicated transport, full or combined loads and fine-meshed distribution ensure optimisation in the flow of goods.


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