Dedicated transport

Dedicated transport

  • In your own corporate style
  • Dedicated night-time distribution
  • No investments in vehicles

Extension piece of your services

Do you regard transport to be an extension piece of your services but you do not want to worry about vehicles, drivers and planning? Thanks to dedicated transport, your goods will be transported in Koopman trucks in your own corporate style or image, and you retain control of the entire dispatch. You will have a reliable fleet of vehicles, without any investment being required. 


This approach has resulted in a great reduction in the number of claims and therefore damages.

Every night, 24 large Koopman Cargo trailers transport components for five large car manufacturers to approximately 400 delivery addresses in the Netherlands. We enjoy close cooperation with Koopman. If there is 'hassle' with the customer, we can discuss it together. A component might be damaged on arrival, for example. We need to find out why and how we can prevent that in the future.


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