Cargo Logistics

Cargo Logistics

  • 450 freight loads per day
  • Extensive network
  • Maximum flexibility

Transport in the Benelux

For every logistics issue, we have a solution that suits you best. Every day, our staff are committed to achieving the best results for you and your customers. The combination of our Cargo and TransMission services allows us to offer various options for complete loads, pallets, outsize goods, dedicated transport, ADR goods, warehousing or a single package.


We promise that:

  • Thanks to our extensive network, a truck can reach your destination anywhere in the Benelux within 3 hours.
  • The distribution of your goods will be as efficient as possible, with minimal turnaround times.
  • Maximum planning flexibility, you can notify us of changes up to 3 hours before loading.
  • All parties in the chain will be satisfied, therefore both you and your customers.

Delivery of packages, loose goods and pallets of all shapes and sizes, for small, medium sized or large companies.

Full Truck Load (FTL). A complete load from a single loading address to a single unloading address.


Combined Truck Load (CTL). From a single loading address to multiple destinations. Koopman can also take care of planning for you.

The transport is designed entirely to meet your needs, with trucks in your own corporate style or image.

Temporary or long-term storage of goods. From a few to thousands of pallets of goods.


For online booking and tracking of your loads.




Value Stream Mapping has allowed us to considerably increase our efficiency

Klaas Schaart — ICT Manager Nijburg Industry Group

Koopman and Nijburg have a shared ambition: to further optimise the supply chain by working at kilometre reduction, CO2 reduction and eventually cost reduction and increased efficiency in the chain.

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