Driven by commitment

Driven by commitment

  • Integrated logistic services
  • Family firm since 1923
  • Winner of the Groningen Business prize

Whatever your logistic challenge, we're here to solve it. We are an innovative logistics company that can manage every step in your value chain. We constantly develop smart solutions and achieve ever shorter turnaround times, better service, controllable costs and lower emissions. Commitment is our driving force. Each day, our people work hard to get the best possible results for you and your customers.


VABKoopman official

From the beginning of 2021, the forces of VAB and Koopman have joined forces to offer a total solution for remarketing. After hard work, the VABKoopman compound in Genk will be operational by 1 October 2021!

Social Entrepreneurship Works!

Social entrepreneurship exists in various sizes and types with the aim of making the world a little better. At Koopman, social enterprise is in the DNA; constantly ensuring a healthy balance between People, Planet and Profit. Part of this is Koopman Inclusive. Where possible people with a distance to the labor market are involved in the company. From facility services to working at the terminal: where there is room, suitable work, guidance and a safe working environment are provided. In cooperation with Sociaal Ondernemen Werkt! a podcast has been recorded to inspire other entrepreneurs, to remove barriers and to share experiences.

Extra impulse remarketing services

Major shifts are afoot in the world of cars. Think about electrification, working from home and online car sales. Because of these shifts, remarketing is playing an increasingly important role.



Respect for people and the planet is in our DNA, as is the focus on continuity. We would even go so far as to say that we have indeed committed ourselves to sustainability. In everything we do, we consider the impact on people and the planet, alongside a financially healthy future of course.

Would you like to know more? Read the sustainability report.