Koopman takes over De Haan Autotransport

Koopman takes over De Haan Autotransport

30 June 2023

With effect from 1 July 2023, Koopman Logistics Group B.V. will take over the shares of De Haan Autotransport B.V. of Bleiswijk. All employees of De Haan Autotransport B.V. will remain employed by the company, which will continue its operations in Bleiswijk. De Haan Autotransport B.V. has its focus on transporting used vehicles in the Netherlands.

The acquisition of the financially healthy De Haan Autotransport is a strengthening of Koopman's market position, which will give the company even more stability for the future.

Strengthening market position
De Haan Autotransport is part of De Haan Automotive Holding B.V., which has been active in car repair since 1975 and has grown into a full-service provider in the automotive field.
Besides transporting new vehicles, De Haan Autotransport has its focus on transporting used vehicles in the Netherlands. Peter de Haan: 'We have been working well with Koopman on a limited scale for years and the merger will provide additional opportunities.' De Haan has 38 car transporters at various locations around the country and 44 employees who will all remain employed by the company, whose company name will be changed to Koopman Autotransport Nederland. Peter de Haan will stay on from Bleiswijk as operations manager for national vehicle transport. Pieter Jongenotter, after supervising a smooth transfer, is stepping down from De Haan Autotransport and will continue to focus on the fast-growing businesses of Fleetport and ABS Autoherstel De Haan.

The logistics service provider
Koopman has been a leading Western European service provider in transport and storage of newly manufactured cars for decades. Expansion into the domestic used car transport market is in line with Koopman's strategy to offer a broad package of passenger car transport and storage activities in the Benelux. Klaas Koopman: 'We have been trying to get a serious foothold in the domestic transport market of used vehicles for some time. De Haan gives us a huge acceleration in this market segment'.

The acquisition of De Haan comes at a historic moment for Koopman, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary on 5 July 2023. Koopman has been active in passenger car transport since 1964. With this takeover, Koopman sees a strengthening of its market position which, with a complete range of car transport services, will allow it to serve the market even wider and better.