First EcoCombi for Koopman TransMission

18 juni 2019


For a number of years, EcoCombi vehicles with the Koopman logo have been a familiar sight on Dutch roads for the transport of complete loads. We opt for EcoCombi because the higher load capacity means that fuel consumption per pallet is 25% lower. Furthermore, the EcoCombi offers efficiency benefits for the customer. Koopman TransMission has now also started using an EcoCombi.

We use this brand new truck with trailer, which has a total length of 25.25 meters, for the night-time journeys between our locations in Noordhorn and Bergen op Zoom. During the day we distribute the EcoCombi pallet trucks in the north of the Netherlands. We use the trailer during the day as an exchange trailer at one of our customers. This way we make optimal use of the EcoCombi.

After our fully CO2-neutral, electric delivery van for distribution in the Groningen city center, the EcoCombi from Koopman TransMission is the next step towards more sustainable services.