One management for Koopman terminals

29 september 2017

Paul Wortelboer, Managing Director of Koopman Car Terminal Amsterdam since June 2016, will also be in charge of Koopman Automotive Solutions in Born and Dent Art Automotive Solutions in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Wortelboer takes over the duties of Guy van Gaever, who will leave the company after four years of employment at Koopman Logistics Group. All automotive compounds of Koopman in Amsterdam, Born and Vilvoorde are now under the responsibility of Wortelboer. Paul Wortelboer has a broad management experience. He used to work at Athlon Car Lease Nederland and Volkswagen Pon Financial Services. He also had some national and international executive positions. Paul Wortelboer followed various management and marketing studies, including Nyenrode Business University and INSEAD.

One-headed management compounds

Jon Kuiper, CEO Koopman Logistics Group: "Paul Wortelboer is the right person to further develop our Born branch and to take charge of Dent Art Automotive Solutions in Vilvoorde. With this, our three automotive compounds are placed under one management. "The layout of the terminal in Born has already been optimized and expanded. "We have already taken important steps on the various compounds, with Paul Wortelboer we continue on the road," says Kuiper.


Wortelboer: "I have now settled at this beautiful organization, and it is great to work with the teams at different locations, to work towards even more efficiency of each single terminal and more efficient cooperation between our terminals. This will undoubtedly lead to a better service, because that is where Koopman stands for. I am very excited about it."