Vehicle damage? Dent Art!

Sister company Dent Art repairs minor damage to vehicles perfectly, quickly and cost-effectively. The repair shop specialises in repairing the vehicles of importers, car rental companies and lease companies. Dent Art excels in restoring large numbers of vehicles to their original condition.

Koopman Autotransport then transports the vehicles to their final destination.

Dent Art stands out for:

  • Spot repair (minor damage)
  • Smart repair (fixing dents without spraying)
  • Repair hail damage
  • Repairing classic cars
  • Wheel repairs¬†
  • Interior repairs
  • Damage repair on-site

Dent Art has a mobile service unit that can travel to your premises if required. Damage is repaired by experts at your own business premises.

For more information see or contact Paul Wortelboer.