Carefree import of your vehicle from door to door

Auto Import Solutions is the new unique cooperation between VWE and Koopman Logistics Group. We completely take care of the import of new and nearly new vehicles from Germany and other European countries for car companies. Did you find abroad the right vehicles for sale but do you know how to import them? Or you do not have the time to do so and you do not want to take any risk? In that case Auto Import Solutions is for you the right address to turn to. No matter whether the import concerns only a few vehicles or large quantities of vehicles. We can take care of that for you.

Complete import package

We offer a complete import-package at a fixed rate starting at € 600 per vehicle (excluding VAT and legal fees). The car will be delivered ready for sale and afterwards there will be no nasty surprises. Is the history of the car correct? Can I finance it? How can I arrange the transport to the Netherlands? What about applicable laws and regulations? And where do I start with the registration? Auto Import Solutions takes care of all these issues. We arrange that a car company can entirely focus on car selling. In other words: Carefree importing without risk.


  • Import from doorstep to doorstep: we take care of everything
  • We arrange the entire financial settlement. You will receive an invoice upon delivery of the car
  • Documentation according to the most recent laws and regulations
  • You only pay BPM tax at the moment of selling the car (transfer regulation)
  • No risk during transport, storage and administration
  • Professional team of specialists with tens of years of experience in import and logistics

About VWE

VWE emerged in 1993 from a car company and knows therefore like no one else the wishes and needs of car companies. In case you work in the car branch you know that many administrative processes often take a lot of time. This goes at the expense of the primary process. VWE unburdens the car branch by means of clever tools to enable car companies to take care of matters that really matter.

Are you interested in our full-service import services for car companies?

For more information, please get in touch with Paul Wortelboer or turn to the VWE Contact Centre with the following contact data:

088 893 7001

They will be glad to assist you.