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Services for new vehicles

We offer complete and tailored pre-delivery services for manufacturers, importers and other companies, including preparation for delivery (pre-delivery inspection), fitting accessories, making modifications, attaching stickers and conversion/assembly of vehicles. We do so according to the factory quality standards, in extremely efficient processes, so that vehicles become available whenever you need them.


Pre Delivery Inspection

Preparation of your vehicles for the road is always customised work for Koopman. This service is conducted specifically according to the make and model. We check the vehicles, carry out minor repairs, check the paintwork, add the necessary documents or provide registration plates. Fill ups are also possible, with petrol, diesel or electric charging of the vehicles. Whatever your requirements, Koopman can arrange it.

Accessories, conversion & assembly

Your vehicles will be fitted with the required wheels, winter tyres, tow bars or other accessories according to your specifications. Also possible is the specific conversion and assembly of your cars, commercial vehicles or off-road vehicles. We can modify your vehicle or design to your needs, regardless of the make and model.


We can modify large volumes very quickly and according to factory quality standards. Commonly occurring work includes technical modifications, recalls and model modifications for special editions or special offer packages. We look forward to finding a suitable solution.


Would you like stickers on your cars or commercial vehicles? We fit various vehicles with logos, corporate style or unique prints on a daily basis. Complete wrapping of vehicles is another option. We look forward to hearing your requirements.

Bestickering, wrappen en ontstickeren

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Edwin van Woudenberg Commercial Manager Automotive

Our pledges

Day in day out, we do our utmost best to keep customers satisfied. And we therefore commit ourselves to the following customer pledges.

Lease plan Tesla Delivery days

Order it now and leave in your new Tesla. That was the motto of the Tesla Delivery days at the National Military Museum at Soesterberg airbase in the Netherlands. 103 brand-new Teslas had been prepared for the road at the Koopman compound in Amsterdam. We needed 15 car transporters to deliver them, 'just in time' for the event of course.

Check out the video of this unique event here.