Imports from Germany

Imports from Germany

  • Short lead time & lead time
  • Volume advantage
  • Throughout Germany

Imports from Germany

We drive to and from Germany every day at Koopman. To load used or nearly new cars in Germany. We carry out these imports for wholesalers, dealer companies or garage companies that buy cars in Germany because of the favourable price or rich equipment. This way, the supply of used cars in the Netherlands is maintained. At Koopman, we do our bit by guaranteeing safe, fast and economical imports. Are you looking for an experienced transporter of cars from Germany?

Service from A to Z

We are happy to provide your organisation with customised service. The transport order you place with us, we are happy to fill. We collect the car, or several vehicles, from the loading address in Germany and ensure that it is delivered to the unloading address after no more than five working days.

Car transport from Germany: our promise

Our dense network ensures that we at Koopman have car transporters available every day, at any location in Germany. The leadtime is therefore short: your transport question can be answered at short notice. In addition, our Dutch and German drivers are professional, experienced and cooperative. With their modern and representative equipment, they are Koopman's calling card.


Koopman has many trucks on the road in the Netherlands and Germany, so it is possible to switch quickly.

John van der Rijt — Owner car company Van der Rijt

Importprijs op maat

The short lead time offers your organisation two financial advantages. First, you benefit from the volume advantage of our car transporters, which allows us to offer tailor-made competitive rates. Secondly, your organisation will have the imported cars at the desired destination faster. This shortens the lead time for sales. So it's a win-win financially when you outsource the import of cars from Germany to Koopman.

Edwin Van Woudenberg Koopman


Edwin van Woudenberg Commercial Manager Automotive