Our digital services in practice

Together with our customer Pon Logistics in the Netherlands, we have started a trial to deliver vehicles starting from the PON compound in Leusden (Netherlands) to dealers in the Netherlands. In this trial the hand-over of the car will be done through a digital CMR, including registration of damage. The dealer will get visibility of the Estimated Time of Arrival of the vehicle. The customer (PON Logistics organisation), will get full visibility of the status of all its deliveries, the Estimated Time of Arrival of all deliveries, the damages incurred and the actual delivery dates.

This trial is the first of a series of trials that Koopman will do with several international customers.
Koopman is using Blockchain technology for the trial. Blockchain has many advantages for use in the supply chain. Most important: data are secure and cannot be changed or manipulated anymore. Giving our customers superior security and the ability to further automate all paper based transactional processes.