We believe digitalisation is key to fundamental value creation for the supply chain processes of its (OEM and Fleetowners) customers.

We also believe that we, as a supplier to the Industry, can deliver that digitalisation and the related services, to the benefit of our customers. We aim to deliver integral supply chain digitalisation, not only visibility, and based on that to deliver services that will enable our customers to achieve their break-through objectives. We believe that latest innovative technology (like blockchain) can be a fast accelerator of our objective to provide significant added value to our customers. So we have decided to invest and be the “first mover” in the segment of the Automotive Finished Vehicles and Remarketing Supply Chain.

We aim to provide a digital infrastructure that is supplier-independent and hence can be used by all our customers for all their supply chain processes.

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact Thole Jan Wieringa (telefoon +31 (0) 594 729 806 of for an appointment with Jon Kuiper.