Koopman Autotransport is the leading specialist in the transportation of cars and vans. Koopman Autotransport or its sister company Möhlmann Automobil-Logistik transports approximately 900,000 vehicles to dealerships.
Customers include car importers, lease companies and car rental companies. Koopman is the ideal partner for the transportation of a single car or large numbers of vehicles that have to reach their destination urgently.

  • Integrated automotive logistics for companies with large vehicle fleets

    Koopman provides a complete logistics service for importers, dealers, lease companies, rental companies and other large fleet owners.

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  • Vehicle distribution

    Koopman Autotransport is the biggest transporter of cars and vans in the Benelux region. Koopman has also been a major transporter in Germany since recently taking over the German Möhlmann Automobil-Logistik.

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  • Closed transport

    Are you planning to transport a special, valuable vehicle? Or a new model? Möhlmann Automobil-Logistik, an operating company of Koopman, has twelve special closed car trailers.

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  • Project-based distribution

    Koopman can work for you on a project basis. This will generally involve 'just in time' deliveries, in which delivery takes place within a narrow time frame. There can be serious implications if deliveries are not made on time.

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  • Möhlmann Automobil-Logistik

    Möhlmann Automobil-Logistik has been a division of Koopman Logistics Group since September 2014. The company is established in Neuenburg in northern Germany, close to the seaports of Emden and Bremerhaven.

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  • Koopman Truck & Trailer Service

    The workshops of Koopman Truck & Trailer Service can provide you with all maintenance and repair work on towing and towed equipment and superstructures. Our broadly trained mechanics have the equipment and the knowledge needed to keep your vehicles and equipment reliably on the road.

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