• 40,000 vehicles
  • One-stop shopping
  • Top locations

Safe storage of cars

Koopman has secure locations in Amsterdam, Born, Putten and Nijkerk for the storage of cars or commercial vehicles. All our locations are multi-model, the vehicles can be transported by road, rail and ship.

We have solid processes in place for the quick intake of vehicles and preparation for transport. All our sites have charging stations in order to charge your electric vehicles. Of course we can also fill your vehicles with other fuels.

  • Storage capacity for 40,000 cars
  • For the short and/or long-term
  • One-off large volumes or continuous trickle volume

Super speedy electric charging

Our terminals in Amsterdam and Born have a charging area for electric cars. Besides 12 charging stations delivering 22 kW, our charging area also features a speed charger with a capacity of no less than 50 kW. This allows us to quickly charge cars for delivery to customers.

Our pledges

Day in day out, we do our utmost best to keep customers satisfied. And we therefore commit ourselves to the following customer pledges.

Edwin Van Woudenberg Koopman


Edwin van Woudenberg Commercial Manager Automotive