Sustainability provides direction

Can you be sustainable when using 14 billion litres of fuel each year?

Our answer to that question is yes. You can and indeed you must. As a family firm, we are very conscious of the generations that follow us. Respect for people and the planet is in our DNA, as is the focus on continuity. In our sustainability report for 2015-2016, we gave an account of our journey towards sustainability for the first time. We promised to continue to go the extra mile(s) in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In our sustainability report 2017-2018, you can read what drives us when it comes to sustainability. We selected the key themes from the CSR guideline ISO 26000 that are important to our stakeholders. Now in 2019, we are happy to say that we have indeed committed ourselves to sustainability. Hence the title Committed to Sustainability. CSR is anchored in our mission, vision and core values. In everything we do, we consider the impact on people and the planet, alongside a financially healthy future of course. We were already very active in CSR, but this broadly supported CSR policy is helping us to become even more effective and to formulate clear targets.

We are now therefore making measurable progress, whether it concerns low-CO2 fuels, sustainable deployment of our employees, building heating using residual heat or our support of a worthy cause. Our approach always focuses on the expectations of our stakeholders and insight into the chain. True progress can only be achieved together with our chain partners.