Sustainability provides direction

It goes without saying that sustainable business operations are a must. It is our duty to society and our responsibility as a major international organisation. However, this obligation also gives a wonderful impetus to our direction and operates as a compass in the choices we make. In our report 'Every day, a step further. En route to a sustainable supply chain' you can read how we are laying our sustainability foundations, how we are taking steps towards CO2 reduction and how we are expanding our integrated approach. Our approach is integrated, because we consider the entire chain from car manufacturer to the end consumer. Because we work together with our partners - rather than in isolation - on issues such as network optimisation and intelligent loading.

Because we, a family business, do not stop at planet and profit. The planet is important, and the same applies to our continuity, but our capital will always be in our people.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but we have made a start. We are heading for a wonderful future together.