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Koopman Shares

Financial support for Benja Foundation

Koopman Shares' encourages its employees to share with us the good cause that they are promoting. By convincing us of the social necessity of the cause and their own involvement, their charity has a chance of winning a contribution of € 10,000. This year, we have chosen the Benja Foundation on the recommendation of our employee Gert van de Beek. 

Over Benja

The Benja Foundation helps children on their way to independence. On their way to a full-fledged future. They do this by supporting projects aimed at street children. These projects are carried out by locals. They know the culture and underline our vision. Currently, 40 street children in Uganda are being educated, 16 of whom also receive shelter. The children are followed until they no longer need schooling.

For more information, please visit benja-online.nl.


Benja's personal touch appeals to me very much. I like the fact that the children are mentioned by name. Also during information evenings they tell something more about the children. You also see the personal touch in the volunteers.

Gert van de Beek, employee at Koopman Autotransport