social entrepreneurship

social entrepreneurship

27 September 2021

At Koopman it's all about people. "After all, without our employees there is no such thing as a flourishing family business". It is important to treat each other with respect, to stimulate each other and to get the best out of it. 

Social entrepreneurship exists in various sizes and types with the aim of making the world a little better. At Koopman, social enterprise is part of their DNA; constantly ensuring a healthy balance between People, Planet and Profit. Part of this is Koopman Inclusive. Where possible people with a distance to the labor market are involved in the company. From facility services to working at the terminal: where there is room, suitable work, guidance and a safe working environment are provided.

Koopman Inclusive

In order to realise social ambitions, there is a cooperation between the Inclusief Group and Koopman for reintegration through work and learning programmes. "In the beginning we were a bit sceptical, because you don't know what to expect. In the end, we entered into the cooperation and we see that we are achieving good results. Both for the employees distant from the labour market and for our own employees, to show that everyone deserves a place in society and that we can all function well together," says Jolanda van den Brink, operational manager at Koopman Fleet Force. "As nice as this social process is, we make sure that the customers are not inconvenienced by it. With us, everyone is an employee of Koopman. You can be who you are and you are accepted as you are." The power of social enterprise is to do it together. Together you make an impact. This can be done by making use of the golden triangle: the company, employee with a distance to the labour market and a job coach. But also through the initiative of Social Entrepreneurship WORKS! to share experiences, gain inspiration and remove barriers.


Social Entrepreneurship WORKS!

Social Entrepreneurship WORKS! is a campaign created to highlight companies that make an effort to give extra visibility to people from the target group distance to the labour market, young talents who need a learning, work or internship experience or who make other efforts. These companies will be highlighted on the Wall of Fame and at the start of the Month of 1000 Examples for their efforts and as inspiration for other entrepreneurs. Koopman is the first in a 15-part podcast series (only available in Dutch), recorded with Jolanda van den Brink (Operational Manager Koopman Fleet Force) and Marco Top (car cleaner Koopman Fleet Force).