Cooperation between Photo-Motion and Koopman

Cooperation between Photo-Motion and Koopman

24 September 2021

Major shifts are afoot in the world of cars. Think about electrification, working from home and online car sales. Because of these shifts, remarketing is playing an increasingly important role.

From car transporter to chain director

Koopman has evolved from a car transporter to a chain director. In the Netherlands, remarketing activities are carried out from three locations: Amsterdam, Born and Putten. The customers can choose the services à la carte. Pick-up or delivery of vehicles, preparing them for sale, maintenance, smart repair, MOT, but also professional photography. 'Really good photos make online sales possible', emphasises Mark van der Lingen (Sales Director Automotive). 

Cooperation with Photo-Motion

After an international selection procedure, the choice was made for a cooperation between Koopman and Photo-Motion. The long-term cooperation with Photo-Motion provides an extra impulse for the remarketing services of Koopman. Photo-Motion offers multi-media solutions (photography, spinners, video) as well as a distinctive Koopman portal, which gives everyone within all of Koopman's branches quick access to post-processing, quality control and distribution of the multi-media material. The intention is to roll out the 360-degree photography processes at all Koopman compounds, whereby the created photo reports are distributed to the customers from the central Koopman portal, without the location of the photography being visible. The cooperation enables Koopman to produce, collect and distribute automated media material in each phase of the car's lifecycle faster. 

Bart Smits (General Manager Compounds) is pleased with the new cooperation: "As part of our further growth, we wanted to expand the service package towards our customers with high-quality multi-media solutions. It was important for us to be able to offer an identical, high quality in our compounds, while ensuring a complete turnaround in a minimum amount of time. Thanks to the cooperation with Photo-Motion, high-quality multimedia material will enable online sales for our customers, where physical viewing is no longer necessary. We look forward to further developing the cooperation with Photo-Motion and to seeing what else is possible in the future."