Board Change at Koopman Logistics Group

Board Change at Koopman Logistics Group

27 October 2020

Leek – In recent years, following various acquisitions, Koopman Logistics Group has
strengthened its position in the automotive transport and logistics industry. Recently,
the business has made a strategic adjustment in the composition of its board of
directors and organisational structure in order to enhance further expansion and more
efficient business operations.

Ad ten Brink, former director of Koopman Automotive Transport, has been appointed as
Director Automotive. Koopman offers support in every phase of the life cycle of a car. In
addition to automotive transport, this also includes the compound activities in Amsterdam,
Born, Putten, Neuenburg (DE), and the hiker services. Mark van der Lingen, who sold his
business ACM Fleetforce to Koopman Logistics Group in 2019, was appointed as Sales
Director Automotive. Jan van Assen, board advisor and predecessor of Ad ten Brink, retires
from Koopman Logistics after 43 years of service.


Under former director Jan van Assen, Koopman developed itself from a transport business
into a leading logistics service provider in the automotive industry. Koopman is active
throughout the logistics chain from manufacturer to end user. CEO Willem Prinsen: ‘Jan
laid the foundation for our automotive division. To remain competitive, we must continue
evolving. With this strategic adjustment Koopman can serve the market even more
energetically and with even more focus on efficient integrated automotive services. Ad ten
Brink brings a broad range of logistics experience with him that will benefit the entire
automotive chain.’

‘The takeover of ACM Fleetforce in 2019 represented a valuable expansion of our services,
and with Mark van der Lingen we also acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. In
his new position as Sales Director Automotive, he will play an important role with Koopman
Logistics Group in the expansion of our customer portfolio.’

The changes in the board of directors have meanwhile been implemented; the combination
of the various activities will take place gradually in the months to come.

Photo caption from left to right: Ad ten Brink (Director Automotive), Mark van der Lingen (Sales Director
Automotive), Jan van Assen (former Director Automotive Transport).