Our service for OEM's

Suppy Chain cost reduction is a key theme for all OEM’s. Transforming their core business to electric and connected cars, there is an imperative to fundamentally reduce costs in the integral supply chain. Yet they struggle to find the breakthrough they are looking for due to lack of supply chain visibility. Double digit cost reduction can only be achieved by looking at total supply chain costs, not only the costs of physical activities (transport, storage etc.). Total Supply Chain costs include all costs of transactional processes (CMR, payment, damage) and costs of the cash-to-cash cycle (cost of cash, value reduction of cars as a function of time).


Koopman provides a digital infrastructure that provides services that will

1. Create supply chain visibility for its customers

Supply chain visibility will enable OEM’s to optimise their networks, look at integral costs and run professional S&OP processes that will fundamentally improve processes and create the possibility to define new services.

2. Create real-time information on the status of all transactional processes (e.g. e-CMR)

Removing costly paper-based processes will not only reduce administrative costs, but also hidden process costs

In a secure and innovative blockchain environment


Blockchain, by its nature, provides a secure environment for data. Once stored in the Blockchain, data are immutable and can only be accessed by authorised staff.
Blockchain, as a basis to follow the VIN in its life in the supply chain (from factory to dealer) will provide multiple opportunities for a fundamental change in supply chain management in the Automotive Industry.