Our service for fleetowners

Remarketing processes of fleetowners are changing rapidly as a result of digitalisation of sales processes. Selling used vehicles through the Internet has become the norm and opens opportunities for potential buyers to buy directly from the source (fleetowners) rather than through the traditional “middle men” who are rapidly disappearing.
Fleetowners as a consequence are looking to their business from a European/global perspective, rather than the national perspective they used to have. To unlock the value of their international supply chain they need visibility of all vehicles in the supply chain.
In cross-border sales process of used vehicles, transactional integrity is a key theme. The EU indicates that mileage fraud and VAT fraud are key issues that need to be addressed by the industry.

We provide a digital infrastructure, blockchain based, that provides services that will

Create supply chain visibility for fleetowners

Visibility of all used cars in the supply chain will enable Fleetowners to manage their all-important cycle-time, costs and service levels.

Create real-time information on the status of all transactional processes (e.g. e-CMR)

Removing costly paper-based processes will not only significantly reduce administrative costs, but also hidden process costs like unallocated damage costs

Capture mileage of a car and its delivery specifications (e-CMR)

in a data-secure and immutable blockchain ledger, legal proof can be given to users (mileage) and authorities/stakeholders on the status and ownership of the vehicle at any point in time, creating integrity in the supply chain.

In a secure and innovative blockchain environment

Blockchain, by its nature, provides a secure environment for data. Once stored in the Blockchain, data are immutable and can only be accessed by authorised staff.
Blockchain, as a basis to follow the VIN in its life in the supply chain (from seller to buyer) will provide multiple opportunities in the future to provide more additional services in the International Remarketing Supply Chain.