Committed to innovation

Innovation for us is not only optimisation of the existing situation but also developing new possibilities with an open mind. As a family firm, we have a long-term focus, which means that you must continue to develop personally. We believe that innovation increases our resilience as a company and we thereby accept that not all innovations can be successful. Innovation allows us to continue to meet the expectations of our clients. 

Blockchain & Automotive

Koopman Logistics Group is the first European logistics service provider to devise a solution based on block chain technology, to fully digitalise the logistics processes of all chain partners in the transport and storage of new and used cars. The VIN (vehicle identification number) can be tracked following its journey through the logistics chain, from the factory to the dealer. Together with three more European logistics service providers and a number of partners, we are now joining forces in a consortium in order to further develop this very promising concept. This consortium has been named Vinturas.


Supply chain transparancy creates better business

Jon Kuiper — CEO Vinturas

Vinturas will fully digitalise the logistics automotive chain, from the factory to the dealer. Thanks to block chain technology, all transfer processes within the chain can be digitalised, alongside the 'track & trace' we now know. Think in terms of the freight note, customs processes, invoicing and payments. Due to the data in a block chain being unchangeable, processes such as invoicing and payment can be fully automated, resulting in enormous savings in working processes.